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We offer the following packages below which can be customized with additional features and services to offer an easy-to-use, affordable donor database tool to empower fundraising and drive stewardship. Simply pick the package that works for your organization and then add additional features as needed.


Pick your pricing package

Pricing Models

All pricing packages include the following key features

  • Appeals, Campaigns and Funds Management Module

  • Canadian Cloud-based solution with built in PCI compliance

  • Constituent Management (including Creation; Search; View; Edit; Flag and Filter)

  • DonationPlus™ Bilingual Help Line and Unlimited e-mail support

  • Donor History (including Donation; Communication and Stewardship Tracking)

  • iATS™ Credit Card and Canadian ACH (Direct Debit) Integration

  • MailChimp™ Integration and an Email allotment (up to 3 times your plan)

  • One-Time-Gift and Monthly Recurring Gift Processing (through iATS)

  • Relationship and Associations (including Tracking of Matching Gift Opportunities)

  • Reporting (growing catalogue of canned reports)

  • Tax Receipting Module (includes Annual and Immediate Mail/Email Receipts; Cancellation and Reprint Management plus Data file Extractions)

  • Training Videos (eLibrary/Webinars available as produced)

  • Unlimited number of users

Add your upgrades

The pricing for Upgrades is:

•   Bilingual Help Line (included at OPAL and above) $18 / month
•   Unlimited User-Defined Fields (included at OPAL and above) $18 / month
•   Stewardship with Document Storage (included at SAPPHIRE and above) $28 / month
•   Query Tool and Dashboard (included at EMERALD and above) $28 / month
•   Quick Donation Batch Entry (included at DIAMOND) $28 / month
•   Membership Management Module (included at DIAMOND) $38 / month

Data Migration and Set-up fees are THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY:

•   Data Migration for RUBY up to 1,000 contacts $188 One-time
•   Data Migration for OPAL up to 2,500 contacts $388 One-time
•   Data Migration for SAPPHIRE up to 7,500 contacts $688 One-time
•   Data Migration for EMERALD up to 25,000 contacts $988 One-time
•   Data Migration for DIAMOND up to 75,000 contacts $1,488 One-time

The number of Outbound Emails allowed will be based on the size of the donor base to a maximum of three times plan size (i.e. RUBY is 1.000 records so up to 3,000 emails / month)

•   RUBY (up to 3.000 emails / month) extra emails are 4.0¢ each
•   OPAL (up to 7,500 emails / month) extra emails are 3.5¢ each
•   SAPPHIRE (up to 22,500 emails / month) extra emails are 2.5¢ each
•   EMERALD (up to 75,000 emails / month) extra emails are 2.0¢ each
•   DIAMOND (up to 225,000 emails / month) extra emails are 1.5¢ each

Double your Monthly Email volume:

•   Double your Email for RUBY (up to 6,000 emails / month) $28 / month
•   Double your Email for OPAL (up to 15,000 emails / month) $58 / month
•   Double your Email for SAPPHIRE (up to 45,000 emails / month) $98 / month
•   Double your Email for EMERALD (up to 150,000 emails / month) $188 / month
•   Double your Email for DIAMOND (up to 450,000 emails / month) $388 / month

iATS Set-up, Monthly and Transaction fees:

•   iATS Credit Card and Direct Debit integration Set-up $188 One-time
•   Merchant Account Fee $20 / month
•   Visa and Mastercard Fee 20¢ each + 2.99%
•   AMEX and Discover Card Fee 20¢ each + 3.20%
•   Chargebacks $15 each
•   ACH or Direct Debit (Transaction Fee Only) 50¢ each

DonationPlusTM Online Donation Pages using responsive design and optimized for mobile giving

•   1 Online Donation Page for RUBY (Set-up Included) plus $18 / month
•   1 Online Donation Page for OPAL (Set-up Included) plus $18 / month
•   2 Online Donation Pages for SAPPHIRE (Set-up Included) plus $36 / month
•   3 Online Donation Pages for EMERALD (Set-up Included) plus $48 / month
•   5 Online Donation Pages for DIAMOND (Set-up Included) plus $68 / month
•   Additional Online Donation Pages are $188 Set-up each plus $18 / month

Your Charity Branded eCommerce Web Store (Hosted by DonationPlusTM)

•   Webstores are custom and start at $888 for one-time set-up plus $58 / month

Custom Website includes up to 3 Online Donation Pages, 5 other pages plus a branded webstore (all optimized for mobile giving)

•   Custom Websites start at $1,488 for One-time set-up plus $98 / month

Notes on Pricing:

  1. All pricing is in Canadian Dollars and subject to applicable Provincial and/or Federal Taxes.
  2. All contracts are minimum 12-months, paid for in advance.
  3. Non-annual contracts are subject to a 10% surcharge and paid monthly/quarterly in advance.
  4. Extra email usage will be billed monthly and is due Net 10 days.
  5. Cancellation notice is 3 months or the balance of the contract term; whichever is less.
  6. Termination fees will be charged using the Data Migration Fees that are current at time of final data extraction.
  7. Transaction fees will be bound by a separate contract with iATS. Fees will be taken out of collected moneys before iATS electronically transfers balance to client.
  8. Payment processors other than iATS are subject to additional fees.
  9. Pricing is subject to change without notice. For clients with existing contracts a minimum of 60 days notice will be given.